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Question on the CAD-Demo

    Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1993 13:13 EST


    Why is the CAD-Demo code (CLIM.*) really going through
    the trouble of defining it's own style of output-records
    and overriding methods for displaying output records etc.,
    and bounding-rectangle methods?

It's an example of how to do that kind of thing.

    I am really interested in what IS the most effective
    way to accomplish the same effect with possibly new
    features available in CLIM2.0.

    Is the graphical editor demo, just another (maybe simpler)
    way to do all that??

    Thanks for your insight and/or historical perspective.

Writing your own class of output record can produce better performance
for certain applications, but it is better to start of with the
facilities provided by CLIM, and replace parts later if you find that
CLIM's own facilities are not fast enough.


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