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Dynamic Menu-Names?

Is there any mechanism for making the strings in the menus change
dynamically?  (In particular, in the pull-down command-bar menus.)

Specifically, I'm trying to find a way to change the name of the
menu-commands, depending on the context of the commands (in the same way
that the documentaion, pointer-documentation and COMMAND-ENABLED/graying-out
of each menu-command can be determined dynamically).

For example rather than having a single, ambiguous menu item:
                   |                              |
                   |   Toggle Item Display Mode   |
                   |                              |

...the command would alternate between: 
                   |                              |
                   | Display Items in Simple Mode |
                   |                              |
                   |                              |
                   |  Display Items in Full Mode  |
                   |                              |
depending on the current state of the system.

(Doing all the obvious things to DEFINE-COMMAND and
ADD-MENU-ITEM-TO-COMMAND-TABLE results in errors.)


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