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automated testing

    Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1993 17:42 EST
    From: chyde@BBN.COM

    I'm looking for some code to perform automated testing of lisp
    software. is there something that does this already? will it capture
    and replay mouse-actions?

    i can probably manage create that does the behind-the-scenes testing,
    but I'd like to not have to go through a manual test of the UI if I
    can avoid it. we're approaching the point on my project where, because
    of it's size, testing is going to be increasingly important.

    there are things that do this sort of task on other machines, I wonder
    if there's one for X/CLIM.

There's nothing for CLIM right now, but it would be simple enough to
"advise" the event distributor to record significant events as they
happen.  You should ask someone at Franz to help you with this; I am
fighting some other fires right now and won't be able to help for at
least a week or more.

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