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Error messages in Clim2-beta2

ACL4.2   Clim2.0-beta2

We just recently switched from clim2-beta0 to clim2-beta2,
and now have the problem, that everytime an error occurs, 
the entire calling frame list is displayed, which tends to
be bothersome, since it's extremely long. Under clim2-beta0
this list was only displayed after issuing the :zoom command
which is the way we want it again. Are there any options I 
missed during the configurations (I tried the debug at all
levels, but to no avail), or is this another way to suppress
the displaying of the frames? - Removing the "DISASM" from the
*modules* variable didn't prove successful either.
I'm not sure this has to with the clim version, but I figured
I'd post here since the problem occured with clim2-beta2 but
not with clim2-beta0.
And help?


Hans Breckle
Forschungszentrum fuer Informatik
Technische Expertensysteme und Robotik
Universitaet Karlsruhe


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