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Re: reducing time overhead of text display (in 1.1)

    Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1993 13:16 EST
    From: Peter Karp <>

    I also find CLIM (1.1 Lucid) text drawing to be much slower than I'd
    like.  Simply calling clim:draw-text* on short strings (5 characters),
    with each one wrapped in a different presentation, can take a couple
    of seconds on a Sparc 10 to display a couple hundred items.  It is
    this kind of marginal performance on simple tasks that makes people
    wonder if they should be using CLIM at all, since X applications do
    this kind of thing almost instantaneously.  

Hmm, I wasn't aware that X toolkits transparently supported
presentations and output recording.

Or if I may be less snotty, in CLIM you get output recording and
presentations as part of the basic functionality.  If you don't want
them, you have to explicitly turn them off.  So what you said is
definitely and apples-and-oranges comparison.

    Are any of the  CLIM vendors putting effort into optimizing these kinds
    of simple operations?  I strongly advocate such work.

CLIM:DRAW-TEXT* wrapped in a presentation is not a "simple" operation.

Are you asking for an example of a sophisticated sort of output
record that records one big glob of text, and then rapidly generates
presentations on the fly so that the overhead of creating the
presentations is distributed over time?  That would make text output
faster, but it would require a more primitive level of programming to
use it.


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