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Re: reducing time overhead of text display (in 1.1)

> One thing which might provide a partial solution is improved documentation.
> That is, attempt to explain the work (magic) that the high level CLIM
> facilities do, and make it easy to use lower level facilities when that's
> the right choice. In effect, much of this thread is doing just this.

I very much agree with this sentiment.  I have in fact done some
output-record hacking in the past to speed up an application.  The
fact that the functions I used were undocumented certainly made the
work harder to do.  But in addition I worried that the things I had
done would have disappeared from the next version of CLIM, and I'd
have to spend even more time figuring out how to get the speedups.
Which makes me wonder how much time I'd really be saving over X if I
invest in even more output-record hacking.



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