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Re: multiple frames and activities

   Activity frames are not currently part of the CLIM API, They are available
   in Allegro CLIM 2.0 (from beta2 onwards) as an extension. But they have not
   been documented. I plan to document activity frames at some point in the
   future and would be happy for that documentation to be used as the basis of
   an extension to the CLIM spec. That could then pave the way to making
   activity frames portable across all CLIM implementations.


I am developing CLIM interfaces for systems that run on Lucid,
Allegro, Allegro CL/PC (CLIM someday?), CLOE, MCL, Genera... well, you
get the idea

I cannot use closed, single-vendor hacks, however elegant the
proprietary hacks seem.

The ONLY hope that CLIM has of gaining acceptance is if it a truely
open standard that allows portability across the range of CLIM

This discussion started with a CLIM-wide discussion of multiple
processes.  You responded with a Franz-only solution. This may be
appropriate for a private franz-bugs style discussion, but is
inappropriate for an open CLIM-wide discussion.

I am concerned (as a customer of Franz, as well as several other Lisp
vendors) by the impression that a fragmentation is happening amongst
the CLIM vendors. If this view (from a customer outside the "inner
circle") is wrong, please let me know. However, the impression from
the outside is that of a lot of little fish fighting over a shrinking
pool rather than trying to work together to figure out how to expand
the pool. Your competition is NOT Lucid or Symbolics. Your competition
is that unwashed hoarde of C++ vendors trying to foist their extended
Basic on the world. CLIM is a major weapon against that hoarde if only
we can bring it to bear.

Would you please pass on the comment (from a Franz customer) to your
management that I believe that it is vital that Franz work WITH the
rest of the Lisp community. If you are extending CLIM in some way,
then Please contribute that code to the rest of the CLIM vendors.

					Skip Egdorf

Merry Christmas all. This should add a bit of warmth for roasting those
ol' Chestnuts over the open fire...


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