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Re: problems with menus and interactors [spr9900], [spr10061]

> From Thu Jan 13 16:49:05 1994
> Date: Thu, 13 Jan 94 16:49:50 +0100

>>   [...] The problem is, after one command has 
>>   been selected from the menu, you can't type anything to the interactor 
>>   any more.
>>   It works when I replace ":menu local" with ":command (com-test)", but in
>>   our application there will be menus instead of simple commands. It even 
>>   doesn't work with this single command in the menu.
> We've got a similar problem with Motif menu bars and accept values
> panes. 
> [...]
> Colin couldn't reproduce this behavior.
> But I can reproduce the behavior of Stefan's example.
> May be it's a problem with an outdated Motif library (we have 1.2 or
> so), but we haven't figured out this yet.
> Stefan, what Motif version do You use?

With this Lisp-Image, we use 1.2.


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