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gadget-value of scroll-bar?

    Date: Fri, 14 Jan 1994 11:18 EST
    From: democko@BBN.COM

	    The GADGET-VALUE protocol for scroll bars is unfortunately not as clean
	    as it should be.  This is mostly because the scroll bar protocol itself
	    is fairly complicated.

	    If (SETF GADGET-VALUE) did work correctly on a scroll bar, it should
	    also cause the viewport attached to the scroll bar to be scrolled.
	    Since this is the case, you should simply call CLIM:SCROLL-EXTENT on
	    the window you want to scroll.

    (SETF GADGET-VALUE) didn't work correctly on a scroll bar.
I know.  I said that, too.
    CLIM:SCROLL-EXTENT had no effect, and if I look at GADGET-VALUE right after
    I SETF it, it does not have the new value I just gave it - it still has its
    old value.  Do you know of any other way to change the GADGET-VALUE?

What is it you are *really* trying to do here?

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