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Re: editing text in a pop-up window

> Erik Eilerts wrote a very good text-edit function, that does NOT rely on
> any CLIM stuff that's peculiar like text-edit-view. I've been using it
> the week (thanks, Erik!).
     I have put a version of my code into the archives.  The filename
is text-input.lisp and it can be found in both the clim-1 and clim-2
archives.  The clim-1 version seems to work fine, but I don't have clim-2
anymore, so I couldn't test out that version.  If anyone finds bugs or
has suggestions, I would be glad to incorporate them.
     Lastly, this code is only for editing text in a stream.  The code
for creating a popup window still needs to be written, but it shouldn't
be to difficult.

     Erik Eilerts
     University of Texas at Austin

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