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Views and Translators

    Date: Mon, 17 Jan 1994 13:56 EST
    From: Benjamin Renaud <>

    The CLIM 2.0 Specs, in the view chapter, specify VIEWP and
    STREAM-DEFAULT-VIEW. I haven't been able to find, however, functions
    which in one way or another can return the view of presented output.

    I use views in an interface I am writing, and I'd like to be able to
    have a tester in my presentation-to-command translators which can
    distinguish between output presented with the same type but with
    different views. I could define the views as more presentation types but
    that would be inelegant :-)

    Any suggestions?

When I was implementing views, I couldn't decide whether to include a
VIEW slot in the STANDARD-PRESENTATION class or not.   I eventually
decided not to include such a slot because CLIM doesn't require it
internally, I thought that it would only rarely need to be examined by
user programs, and it is pretty simply to include a presentation option
for any presentation type that does need it.  So I opted for the more
compact representation for STANDARD-PRESENTATION.

I am still not sure that the decision I made was correct.

In any event, it is easy to define a VIEW option for your type, and then
just have your translator look at the options stored away in the
PRESENTATION-TYPE slot of the presentation.


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