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Motif Breakage


I've spent a fair amount of time recently working in and around the Motif
gadgets in CLIM, particularly the menus/menu-bars.  The wins here are
obvious: faster, better looking, consistency of interface, etc.

The primary lossage is equally obvious: i.e. if something breaks in the
middle of the motif calls --say a misspelled method name while deciding if
the item is active-- the motif-handler breaks.

At this point the console to my machine freezes and the only option I seem
to have is to go to another machine and kill my Lisp process (consequently,
all of my debugging info is gone, an enourmous amount of state can get
flushed, etc, etc...)

So the questions:
 o Does anyone know any other way out of this?  
 o Is there some less catastrophic way of backing out of these errors?  
 o Is there some way to trap these errors (i.e. the ones that occur down
   inside Motif) in a more meaningful/useful way?

As I said above the Motif-things are nice to use, but at the cost of
rebooting my machine six times a day during a tight development cycle,
their worth becomes less clear.


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