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As mentioned in an earlier posting I've uploaded a text editor to the CLIM
repository. I'd like to add some points about platforms, CLIM versions and

This version has been tested on CLIM1.1 for MCL2.0p2 and Allegro 4.1.
Someone thinking of running it on other platforms must look at code that

 - lisp specific, i.e. is specially coded for individual platform, e.g.
   #+:mcl or #+:allegro. The io-stream interface is platform specific in this

 - OS/UI-specific, i.e. coded for a special OS or UI, e.g. #+:mcl. The frame
   menus have Mac-specific code, among others. This is marked by using
   #+:mcl and #-:mcl (i.e. not #+:allegro).

 - CLIM-specific, i.e. is special for one CLIM-version. This part is a bit
   trickier, since it's difficult for me to tell what parts run unmodified on
   CLIM 2.0. So I'll have to list the CLIM features I use:

    * basic text drawing and measurement functions
    * tracking pointer
    * flipping-ink
    * command tables
    * frame menus

   These things shouldn't be to different in CLIM 2.0, should they. There
   might be things that could be coded better, however, using new CLIM
   features. Once, CLIM 2.0 comes for MCL I will work on such a port myself.

Hallvard Traetteberg
Oslo, Norway

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