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lowercase-a and uppercase-A

    Date: Mon, 31 Jan 1994 14:19 EST



    is there a way to tell define-command that one command is to be based on
    lowercase-a and another is uppercase-A ? 

    I have an unpleasantly large need to do this right now, and it appears
    that define-command (or something else that uses the results) doesn't
    care, and assumes that #\a and #\A are equivalent.

In CLIM 2.0, using things like #\a as keystroke "gesture specs" is
simply a convenient interface for the normal printing CL characters.
The "real" internal CLIM gesture spec uses "keysyms" rather than
characters.  So #\a has a gesture spec of (:a) and #\A is (:a :shift).

Now that bad news.  I went ahead and tried this, and it does not seem to
work properly in Genera.  Grr.  Maybe it will work in Allegro.

    or, perhaps better still, is there a way to define a command so that it
    knows what keystroke it was called with?  (not normally important, but
    since #\a and #\A both call the same command, it'd be good if the
    command received its keystroke somehow...)

If you use ADD-KEYSTROKE-TO-COMMAND-TABLE explicitly using a type of
:FUNCTION instead of :COMMAND, the function will get passed two args --
the event object and the accumulated numeric argument.

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