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Gestures conflicting with AVV editing gestures

Genera 8.1.1 (?Clim 1.1) (on a MacIvory)

(By the way, I worked around my problem with empty sequences by asking
for types as (OR (SEQUENCE ...) NULL) and putting a :AROUND CLIM:ACCEPT
presentation-method on OR to look for a NULL type in the OR when the
default object is NIL.  If so, call the ACCEPT presentation-method for NULL.)

In an AVV pane in an application frame, I have some 
where FOO is a CLOS class.  I have some gestures on the CLOS objects
(like :EDIT, :DESCRIBE) that are translated to commands in the frame.
These gestures are active in the AVV pane (and I'm happy with that
although I didn't expect that behavior) but the problem is that I
don't get the AVV presentation actions on these objects.  (If I have a
sequence FOO1, FOO2 then the "," does have the AVV gestures.  If there
is only one FOO1 then I have no place to click to modify the entry or to
select it or whatever.)

NOTE:  I do not use the same gestures (shift keys + mouse clicks) as the
AVV edit gestures.  I do use the same shift keys, just different mouse
clicks.  The mouse documentation line only showed the object-related
gestures, not the AVV gestures.

I tried giving a lower priority (-10) to my translators but that didn't
seem to help.

My workaround was to define :EDIT2 and :DESCRIBE2 gestures on M-SH-<clicks>
that were on a different set of shift keys than the AVV queries and to
use them rather than the standard ones.

By the way, I wish it were possible to have spaces on either side of the
sequence separator so I could have " * " between the elements.  X* Y
doesn't look the same as "X * Y".  (Especially when it looks like
"10:2,4:3* 9:1,19:2".)  I could see it would be hard to allow the user
to type <space><asterisk><space> to type his input just as the output
looks, but that seems to me to be the preferred way of doing it.

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