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Completion Query

   Date:     Tue, 15 Feb 94 8:27:30 EST
   From: Nichael Cramer <ncramer@BBN.COM>

   >From: Scott McKay <>
   >Date: Mon, 14 Feb 94 17:17:31 EST
   >Subject: Completion Query
   >   Date:     Mon, 14 Feb 94 16:47:02 EST
   >   From: Nichael Cramer <ncramer@BBN.COM>
   >   In short I would like "activation" behavior something like the following:
   >   #\Space ==> "Complete as far as possible" (i.e. do the "normal" completion
   >		thing).
   >   #\Return ==> "Accept whatever I've got, as is."
   >   (Basically I want it to work more or less like the pathname completion does
   >   on Find-File in Gnumacs.)
   >Which of the completion functions are you using?

   Essentially, I'm doing the following:

   (clim:define-presentation-method clim:accept ((TYPE my-prestype) STREAM
      #'(lambda (STRING ACTION)
	   :action ACTION
	;;; :allow-any-input t

   >I think you want to use #\Return as your activation gesture, and
   >#\Space as a "partial completer" (known as the "delimiter" in some opf
   >the completion functions).

   As always, thanks; but this doesn't seem to really address the problem I'm
   trying to solve (perhaps I'm missing the point).

   1] If I understand "partial completers" or "delimiters" they define the
   delimiters for "sub-strings" on which completion is allowed.  For exmample
   defining "-" as a "delimiter" would allow me to type "F-B-B" when I want to
   complete on the name "FOO-BAR-BAZ".

   I use this feature, but it doesn't seem to help with the problem described

   2] Furthermore, using any of the activation gestures in the standard way
   still leaves the "unwanted completion" problem.

   For example, suppose "FOOBAR" is a completable name.  If I type "FOO" and
   hit return, I'd like to get *only* "FOO" back.  However, the way it works
   now, I automatically get the (completed) "FOOBAR".

   Again, the behavior I'm trying to achieve is something like the following:
   If I type "FOO" and hit (say) space, I'd expect it to complete to "FOOBAR"
   (but not neccessarily return the value).  On the other hand if I type "FOO"
   and hit return, I'd like it to return just "FOO".

   Using the example code above, the _only_ thing I can get it to return is a
   fully completed symbol-name.

I think I'm being dense here.

If you don't want any completion when you hit Return, you need to
supply :ALLOW-ANY-INPUT T -- which you are not doing in the code
above.  But you are saying that when you do that, you don't get any
completion behavior at all.  In that case, you need to supply '(#\-)
as the delimiters argument to COMPLETE-FROM-POSSIBILITIES.  It may be
the case that you also have to supply '(#\-) as the partial-completers
arg to COMPLETE-INPUT as well.

Could you verify that what I just described does not actually work?

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