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Return-Path: <jmm>
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 94 14:20:00 PST
From: jmm (Jay Mellman)
Subject: CLIM 2.0 for the Mac:  Lucid's statement
Cc: clim@bbn, lispers, sales

Lucid did indeed contract with some key Lisp developers to create
MacCLIM 2.0.  One of the key aspects of the contract was to create as
much compatibility with the Lucid CLIM for UNIX products as is
possible.  This means, of course, that one of the products has to lead
the effort.  We chose to release our SPARC product to beta before
allowing the "contractors" to begin work.  CLIM 2.0 is a highly
complex piece of software (multiple levels of abstraction,
many different hooks to window systems).  Thus, everyone's estimates
(Lucid's, Franz's, Harlequin's, etc) of delivery were underestimated.

We certainly view that we are supporting the efforts of our
contractors and I am confident that they will be able to deliver
product in the near future and that MacCLIM will join the other Lucid
products at the high level of support of which you speak.

Jay Mellman
Director of Marketing
Lucid, Inc.

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