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Re: clos object wierdness ..

    I'm seeing similar behavior. In one case, the compiler thinks I'm trying
    to inherit from the "FUNCALLABLE-something-or-other", and in another the
    compiler complained about "No symbol-value for undefined variable WELCOME"

I'm pretty sure that you tried to do something like evaluate buffer when
the listener is the active window. The listener starts with
some banner like "Welcome to MCL Version something...". I too end up
sometimes with these errors --- when I dont switch the windows correctly.

    or some such nonsense. The string WELCOME occurs nowhere in any of my
    source code. I just tried recompiling the file and it went away on the
    next compilation - needless to say, I restarted MCL.
    Is MCL this weak or does CLIM trash the compiler that badly?

Regards - Stefan.

;;; - Stefan Bernemann   (

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