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Re: [spr10291] Bug-report: Palette-Full

  From: Scott McKay <>
  Date: Mon, 21 Feb 94 12:56:47 EST

     Date: Fri, 18 Feb 94 19:38:34 PST
     From: Colin Meldrum <>

     I think that providing a restart like use-alternative-color which
     does the obvious thing would solve the first problem (and perhaps even
     provide a restart called use-nearest-color). I've filed rfe's to have
     these considered for a future release.

  I think that such restarts would be quite useful.  It might suffice to
  provide a FIND-CLOSEST-COLOR g-f that takes two args, a palette and a
  color.  Then people can write there own restarts.

I think that providing a FIND-CLOSEST-COLOR gf would be a useful
addition - and would be preferable than having multiple restarts.
I think though that CLIM would still need to provide at least one
restart, USE-ALTERNATIVE-COLOR (which would take a color as an
argument) because this could not be coded in the application due to
the fact that the error typically occurs deep down in the medium
specific drawing code.

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