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anybody using RCS for lisp development?

Hi there,

I guess this is not the most appropriate mailing list for my question, but

We dont yet use RCS for out lisp projects, but we are are going to do this.

What I am looking for is a way to intergrate a defsystem stuff  and RCS in a way
similar to UNIX make tools.

Has anybody done this? How are you using RCS?

We are using the defsystem which comes with the clim demos. It has the nice
feature that it is portable across Unix, Mac and Symbolics platforms.
We store the files on a Unix filesystem, everything works very nice so far
for all the different platforms (logical pathnames are wonderful!).

What I like defsystem to do is that
if the source file is not available, it should automatically check the file
out of the RCS
directory. This could be done - I think - with a handler bound for the
condition. Has anybody done this already? From a Mac this co command could be
issued via some rsh command (via tcp).

Any comments welcome!

Have a sunny weekend - Stefan.

;;; - Stefan Bernemann   (


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