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Re: anybody using RCS for lisp development?

[Note that defsystems and version control are two topics that have the
potential for generating a large amount of discussion.  This is fine, but
the CLIM mailing list probably isn't the place for it.  However there
doesn't seem anything wrong with a tangent of a handful of messages] writes:
 > Hi there,
 > I guess this is not the most appropriate mailing list for my question, but
 > anyway...
 > We dont yet use RCS for out lisp projects, but we are are going to do this.

We're using CVS, a freely available higher level set of version control
tools that sits on top of RCS.  I'd recommend it highly.  You can find it

 > What I am looking for is a way to intergrate a defsystem stuff  and RCS in a way
 > similar to UNIX make tools.
 > Has anybody done this? How are you using RCS?

Our build process first checks the latest versions of the systems out of
CVS/RCS, and then Lisp compilation is a second step.  We haven't needed the
ability to combine the two into one step.

 > We are using the defsystem which comes with the clim demos. It has the nice
 > feature that it is portable across Unix, Mac and Symbolics platforms.
 > We store the files on a Unix filesystem, everything works very nice so far
 > for all the different platforms (logical pathnames are wonderful!).

CVS provides an implementation of 'modules'.  These are analogous to
defsystem 'systems'.  If you try to combine CVS and Defsystem, combining
modules and systems would probably make sense.


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