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   Date:     Fri, 18 Mar 94 13:39:31 EST
   From: Nichael Cramer <ncramer@BBN.COM>

   Is there someway to specify a blank area in the :LAYOUT specification for a
   frame?  For example, something like the following:

		 (1/3 TOP-PANE)
		 (1/3 +BLANK-AREA+)
		 (1/3 BOTTOM-PANE))))

   I can whip up a pane that doesn't do anything (i.e. that remains blank) but
   this seems wasteful.

It's not really that wasteful.  It'll only cost you a few tens of
words of storage to do this.

   A related question:  Consider the following:


   Suppose SPACE-PANE-1 and SPACE-PANE-2 have been specified as having a
   certain height (i.e. their :HEIGHT and :MAX-HEIGHT have been explicitly
   set).  How do I specify that I want PANE-A, PANE-B and PANE-C to divide up
   the _remaining_ space, first, when I want them to be the same size and,
   second, when I want them to be of unequal (but non-fixed) size?

"Hah!", he exclaims.  JGA and I had a design for a layout language
based on linear constraints that would have been powerful enough to do
this, but it would have been quite a bit harder to implement.  We went
with the simpler scheme, which is not powerful enough to do what you
want.  Sorry about that.

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