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   Date: Fri, 18 Mar 94 14:19:06 -0500
   From: "Steven L. Smith" <>

   I'm t, unsuccessfully, to assign a keystroke (Control-A) to my
   application frame command table. Maybe I should say I was unsuccessful
   in getting it to work and the assignment was right. Anyway, I want to
   bind a function to control-a so if a anytime while in the application
   frame I press control-a that command executes. Here's what I though
   would be the appropriate command:

      (add-keystroke-to-command-table 'cap-plot '(:a :control) :command 'com-find-again)

ADD-KEYSTROKE-TO-COMMAND-TABLE adds a command _object_ to a command
table, but you have supplied a command name.

I think you want this instead, assuming COM-FIND-AGAIN takes no args:

  (add-keystroke-to-command-table 'cap-plot '(:a :control) :command '(com-find-again))

The only change I made was to add some parentheses...


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