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Window Inspector

I have just put CLIM-INSPECTOR.LISP into

it's a nice, reasonably friendly inspector much like those on the

I've been using it for some time, and am finally relatively satisfied as
to it's behavior. like on the LispM, you can look at and set values in
almost anything (except defstructs, which I dont' know how to finagle in

the original of this is from William D Smith of GE. he gave it to me
about 18 months ago. I was unable to get certain parts to behave under
clim-1, so I held on to it. someone with specific needs (and perhaps
more understanding of certain subtle parts) might try to back-port it.

originally it ran only under lucid. now it only runs under Allegro
4.2/clim-2, but most of the lucid specifics are still there and

it would be good/appropriate for someone using lucid to grab and fix it
up and submit it.

soon I'll also submit the matching window-debugger (also courtesy
William D Smith, who's now my damn good buddy and can ask a favor when
he needs to), which is not quite done, and likewise will be much like
the LispM, and will link to the inspector...

 -- clint

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