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CLIM 1.1

yea, I know, but when CLIM 2 is there for MCL ...

Anyhow, I'm using patterns to display raster images.

Basic approach 

   (clim:draw-icon stream
     (clim:make-pattern (array-from-file filename)
			(list +white+ +black+))
     0 0)

However, I'm going to have to draw LOTS of these.  Now, I can reuse
the same array (the rasters are all of the same dimension), but how
can I reuse a pattern's underlying datastructure (likely an array

That is, I want to read a raster in from a file, display it, and then
when I want to show another raster I'd like to minimize the amount of
new space I need to use (and to minimize GC).



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