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Multiple Application Frames

   From: Whitney Winston <>
   Date: Mon, 4 Apr 94 14:28:04 EDT

   I'm sure this question has been asked before, but I can't seem to 
   find the answer.  

   How can I implement two application frames running simultaneously?
   Both need to be active at the same time and they act independently. 

CLIM itself needed a portable interface to assorted lisp's
multiprocessing facilities, so...

  (clim-sys:make-process #'(lambda () (run-frame-top-level my-first-frame))
	 		 :name "My 1st Process")
  (clim-sys:make-process #'(lambda () (run-frame-top-level my-second-frame))
	 		 :name "My 2nd Process"))

You may wish to do something a little more sophisticated (like hang
onto the returned values from make-process, so you can kill them
programmatically), but this should get you started.


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