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Docs for select-file?

    Date: Fri, 8 Apr 1994 11:32 EDT
    From: Randy Coulman <>

    Does anyone have any information about the select-file function?  I've seen
    it discussed here, and it's defined in my CLIM (Allegro 2.0.beta2.0), but
    there's no documentation for it.  Describing the symbol shows that it has
    an arglist of (frame &rest options), but I'd like to know what the options
    are.  A previous message here shows that there is a :default keyword
    argument for specifying the default path.  Another message says that
    select-file calls frame-manager-select-file.  Describing that symbol gives
    a bit more information, but still not enough.

    If select-file takes different options depending on the version of CLIM,
    I'd prefer the information for the Motif version of Allegro's CLIM 2.0.

    Thanks for any help you can give me.


In Genera 8.3 (CLIM 2.1) the arglist for clim:Frame-Manager-Select-File

    (framem &REST options &KEY :frame :associated-window :title :documentation
     :exit-boxes :name :file-search-proc :directory-list-label :file-list-label) 

>From the Symbolics CLIM 2.0 User Manual (font changes removed)

  CLIM:SELECT-FILE frame &key :default :associated-window :title :exit-boxes
  :text-style :foreground :background :x-position :y-position 
                                                          Generic Function

  Pops up a file selection dialog in order to input a pathname from the
  user. The default pathname is specified by :Default. The returned value
  is the pathname.

  :Associated-Window is the window with which the notification is associated.
  :Title is a string used to label the notification.
  :Exit-Boxes is as for clim:accepting-values.

  :Text-Style, :Foreground, and :Background are the text style, foreground
  ink, and background ink to use in the notification window.
  :X-Position and :Y-Position can be supplied to position the notification window. 

Hope this helps.

Craig Lanning <>
Grumman Data Systems
North Charleston, SC


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