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Starting Frames as :shrunk


I assumed that starting an application frame with 
:state :shrunk would yield an iconified frame -- but
the frame appears as ":enabled"...

   (make-application-frame 'some-frame :state :shrunk))

Well, default-frame-top-level.lisp gives some evidence
that this is unavoidable:

   (defmethod default-frame-top-level ((frame standard-application-frame)
				       &key command-parser command-unparser
					    (prompt "Command: "))
     ;; Enable the frame now
     (unless (eq (frame-state frame) :enabled)
       (enable-frame frame))

The folowing produces an error (and isn't very nice, because I've to copy
the whole top-level function...)

  (defmethod default-frame-top-level ((frame some-frame) ...)
    (shrink-frame frame)	

  Error: Invalid window id 0 for #<TK:TOP-LEVEL-SHELL NIL #x1785808 @ #x1352c42>

  Restart actions (select using :continue):

This works, but the frame "flickers up" before it iconifies:

  (defmethod default-frame-top-level ((frame some-frame) ...)
    (enable-frame frame)
    (shrink-frame frame)	

Any suggestions?

Frank Buhr.

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