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old, repeat question

   Date: Thu, 21 Apr 94 13:03:45 EDT
   From: Jim Sims <>

    CLIM 1.1, various platforms before, currently Allegro

    I think i saw this about a year or two ago: Whenever I execute
    clim::set-frame-layout inside a function (say bar), no other code in
    the calling function (say foo) gets executed. Is there a way around


   (defun foo()
    (format t "~%this never prints anything"))

   (defun bar ()
    (clim::set-frame-layout clim:*application-frame* my-layout))

clim:set-frame-layout does a throw.  I think you might be able to
establish a catch for the tag FRAME-LAYOUT-CHANGED (or something like
that), in some package.


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