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Re: setting the items of a list-pane

>From: Scott McKay <>
>   From: Ralf Moeller <>
>   We found the answer ourselves:
>   (setf (set-gadget-items <list-pane>) <items>)
>   The class set-gadget-mixin is undocumented and the prefix "set-" is
>In this context, the prefix is not "set-", it's "set-gadget-".
>   confusing. [...]

Right: "set-gadget" as in "a gadget that contains a set (e.g. an
item-list)".  (This name threw me for a while, too.)

So a related question: When I use an item-list in, say, a (MOTIFish)
list-pane, do I have any control over the appearance of *individual* items?

I can do it for the *entire* pane, but I would like to control, for
example, the text-style or ink in which that *single* item is drawn.  (I
can handle enabled/disabled individual items by handling that in the
value-changed callback.)

There's nothing on this in the documentation and I don't want to risk
blowing out MOTIF by experimenting at this level.


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