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Semantics of flipping inks

   Date:     Mon, 25 Apr 94 11:33:27 EDT
   From: Nichael Cramer <ncramer@BBN.COM>

   >From: Scott McKay <>
   >The simplest model, which also has the benefit of being accurate, is
   >that drawing the same figure at the same place with the same flipping
   >ink twice is a no-op.  

   Please forgive a very tiny picked nit, but I just want to be sure I'm not
   missing something subtle here:

   When you say "the same flipping ink" does this imply that there can be more
   than one "flipping-ink"?  Is there something other than what's bound on

You can use MAKE-FLIPPING-INK to create other flipping inks.  As far
as I know, only Allegro CLIM supports this right now.

+FLIPPING-INK+ is defined to flip the foreground and the background.
But note that if you change the foreground or background between two
draws using +FLIPPING-INK+, the effect is also unspecified.

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