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Toggle button misbehavior

I'm just starting to use CLIM 2.0 in a serious way and I'm encountering
a few difficulties. The implementation I'm using is Allegro running on
a SPARC in OpenLook.

I used:


to create a check box and it basically worked correctly. Tha problem
is that there is way too much whitespace around the check box, particularly
to the left. I tried passing MAKE-PANE the :WIDTH argument but it narrowed
the pane from the right which had the effect of omitting the button and only
leaving whitespace. This was not what I had in mind. :-)

Can anyone shed some light on this? Here are a few on my questions:

1) Is this a general CLIM problem or a problem specific to Franz'

2) If it's the latter, does anyone know if I would see the same problem
   under Motif?

3) For comparison, I also ported this over to Genera 8.3 where the check
   boxes don't seem to work at all--they're just filled squares with no
   mousable behavior. Can anyone comment on this?


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