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Modeless windows

   From: Robert Pfeiffer <>
   Date: Sun, 1 May 1994 11:37:11 -0700 (PDT)
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   Another problem which is looming large in our use of CLIM 2.0 is the need for
   modeless windows. Things such as CLIM:ACCEPTING-VALUES (with :OWN-WINDOW T)
   are generally called "modal" in modern UI parlance, i.e. you are in the
   mode of having to finish with them before you can do something else.

   What we need are windows which can be popped up, serve as control inputs
   for the application, and stay around on the screen while the user does
   other things (such as perhaps popping up even more windows). Of course,
   one issue will be having each window use a separate process so that they are
   all active simultaneously. This seems fairly doable (although any advice
   is very welcome!). The more fundmental problem, though, is how to get these
   windows at all.

As Jeff Morrill points out, you can fire up an application frame that
contains nothing but a :ACCEPT-VALUES pane.  Unfortunately, you are
mostly on your own when it comes to synchronizing the multiple
processes you will end up with.

   I found CLIM:OPEN-WINDOW-STREAM at the back of the Franz manual and it looks
   like the right (only?) thing to use. As soon as I tried it, however, I found
   that I had a window into which I could put gadgets but apparently could not
   do any other output (such as with CLIM:DRAW-xxx).

   Before proceeding down this line, I thought I would solicit the advice of this
   list to see if this sounds like the right way to go and whether success seems
   possible. The sentence documenting OPEN-WINDOW-STREAM from the Franz manual
   which reads, "This function is not often used," makes me pretty uneasy.

The document is coyly encouraging you to use application frames
wherever possible.  As far as I know, OPEN-WINDOW-STREAM actually
works fine, but application frames are often more appropriate.

   Comments and advice, anyone?

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