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Re: menu-bar

>Date: Wed, 4 May 94 09:55:21 EDT
>From: Myriam Abramson x7815 <>
>Subject: menu-bar
>Clim2.0 beta Lucid 4.1.1
>1.  How can I specify the menu-bar to be at the bottom of an application
>frame instead of at the top?
>2.  If I specify (:panes (commands :command-menu)), the commands do
>not appear as push-buttons as they would appear with the :menu-bar
>option.   Is there a way to do that?  

I'm pretty sure there's no way to do this directly/simply (i.e. just as
declarations in :MENU-BAR clause of the frame definition) after all, it's
not the motif standard.   ;)

To do what you want to do basically you have to make your own menu-bar
pane.  You can then position it whereever you want it.  (You also need to
handle the command table yourself.)

E.g. use a clause like the following in your :PANES declaration:

  (MENU-BAR (clim:make-pane 'clim:menu-bar
                            :command-table 'my-menu-bar-command-table
			    :text-style '(:fix :bold :large)
			    :background clim:+blue+
			    :foreground clim:+white+))

And then handle it as a regular pane in the appropriate :LAYOUTS clause.


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