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   Date: Wed, 4 May 94 09:55:21 EDT
   From: Myriam Abramson x7815 <>

   Clim2.0 beta Lucid 4.1.1

   1.  How can I specify the menu-bar to be at the bottom of an application
   frame instead of at the top?

   2.  If I specify (:panes (commands :command-menu)), the commands do
   not appear as push-buttons as they would appear with the :menu-bar
   option.   Is there a way to do that?  

When you ask for a menu bar, but do not specify a pane for it, you are
asking for a native (underlying window system) menu bar.  The
underlying window system often has a "look and feel policy".  (For
instance, the menu bar on a MacIntosh is always at the top of the
entire screen.)  So to answer your question 1: you may or may not
be able to do that, depending upon what window system is underneath.
For Motif, I don't think so, but I'm no expert.

When you specify a CLIM pane for use as a command menu, you are
getting a non-native (drawn by CLIM) menu.  CLIM does a quick and
dirty job of drawing buttons.  To answer your question 2: it may be
possible to get a native menu to appear in a CLIM pane, depending upon
the back-end, but it isn't the default, apparently.


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