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Re: menu-bar

In message <> "William M. York" 
>    Date:	Wed, 4 May 1994 17:32:33 -0700
>    From:	Colin Meldrum <>
>    Cc:	Myriam Abramson x7815 <>,
>    In Allegro CLIM 2.0 you can use the pane abbreviation :MENU-BAR (as 
> opposed
>    to :COMMAND-MENU which will get you old CLIM 1 style menus) rather than
>    having to explicitly create the pane eg
> So, what are the odds on vendor-specific extensions like this getting
> re-integrated into all the CLIM implementations?  Did the design of
> this take into account how it might be realized on other platforms?
> Is an extension like this considered to be of enough value to require
> licensing arrangements with the other vendors, or can it get shared
> pretty easily?
Is not :menu-bar pretty standard (2.0) at all? 
What is the vendor-specific here?


rudolf mittelmann
systems theory
Johannes Kepler University Linz Austria Europe

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