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Re: Resources in CLIM

   > Date: Tue, 17 May 94 09:37:18 PDT
   > From: Bruce Seely <>
   > Subject: Resources in CLIM
   > If my memory serves me correctly, back in CLIM 0.9 the manual described
   > a resources facility implemented to support CLIM.  It appears that the
   > facility still exists but is no longer documented (in Franz's CLIM
   > implementation, anyway).  We have started using resources to work
   > around a problem where opening and closing a lot of windows causes
   > memory to be gobbled up.  I am wondering if we are in any danger by
   > relying on resources.  As a nice side-effect, they make our interface
   > feel a lot faster.  Is there a reason that they are no longer
   > documented?
   > Thanks.
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Resources are documented in Lucid CLIM 2.0(beta), in appendix C of the CLIM
User's manual.  The macros and functions are in the CLIM-SYS package.

Scott D. Anderson

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