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Re: setting a frame's position

  Date: Tue, 17 May 94 15:26:40 PDT
  From: Bruce Seely <>

  I have some frames in a resource that act as dialog boxes.  Before a
  frame is exposed, it is initialized.  As part of the initialization, I
  would like to position the frame reltive to its `host-frame'.  I am
  currently doing it like this:

  (defmethod REINITIALIZE-INSTANCE :after ((frame my-frame-type) &key host-frame)
    (multiple-value-bind (host-x host-y)
	(frame-position host-frame)
      (setf (getf (CLIM-INTERNALS::FRAME-GEOMETRY frame) :left) host-x)
      (setf (getf (CLIM-INTERNALS::FRAME-GEOMETRY frame) :top) host-y))    

  Is there a better way of setting the position of the frame (i.e. that
  doesn't rely on functions in the CLIM-INTERNALS package)?

Yes - don't specify any geometry arguments when you initially create the
application-frame and then use POSITION-SHEET-CAREFULLY on the top level
sheet prior to calling RUN-FRAME-TOP-LEVEL to launch the frame. 

There is one caveat which is only an issue for X windows - some window
managers decide to ignore program specified position hints and it is
necessary to use user specified hints. On Allegro CLIM you can use the
keyword arg :USER-SPECIFIED-POSITION-P when you initially make the
application-frame. I don't know if this is an issue for other

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