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Re: question on table-formatting + graphics

  From: John Aspinall <>
  Date: Fri, 17 Jun 1994 14:40:59 -0400
  Cc: clim@BBN.COM
  Subject: question on table-formatting + graphics
  Cause of the problem: using the default type of output-record -
  coordinate-sorted-sets.  You're not really interfering with the table,
  just confusing the output-record lookup *above* the table.
  Coordinate-sorted-sets are assuming that no record inserted in the
  history after the table will overlap the table.  It's a bug.
  Easy workaround (CLIM 2 only, alas): Use an r-tree-output-history for
  the work-area pane.
  (define-application-frame test-editor ()
    (:command-table (top-level-test-ct))
      :default-text-style '(:fix :roman :normal)
      :display-function 'display-structure
      :output-record (make-instance 'r-tree-output-history) ;; <== !
      :incremental-redisplay nil
      :scroll-bars ':both))
  Then it works for me.  (Lispworks 3.2, our "Beta 7" CLIM 2.)

If we took all the money we've individually spent rediscovering this
bug, we could have quite a party.  There is some bug in coordinate-sorted-sets
where the output records don't get sorted correctly.  When that happens,
mouse sensitivity goes haywire and so does incremental redisplay.

I am dismayed that coordinate-sorted-sets are the default for panes.
Whenever I have reasonably tricky graphics, I always override the default.  

jeff morrill

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