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it is my intention/hope to build an SGML interpreter/viewer for
lisp/clim beginning in a couple of months. this is to include DTDs.

I asked about this back in January or so, and several folks offered to
help/participate. I probably still have their addresses someplace, and
it is my hope to make it a group effort of sorts (at least to the extent
of getting design-doc reviewers, if not coding help).

HTML is an extremely simplistic subset of SGML.

since there is an SGML DTD for HTML, my code should (whenever this
happens) handle HTML just fine.

I've already got a moderately powerful document viewer, which allows
hyper-linking and various word-proc/outliner behaviors. I expect to
begin with that as the viewer code. the one thing it doesn't do is
allow font-switching in the middle of paragraphs (one text-style per
paragraph), which SGML does allow. that's going to cost CLIM cycles to
handle it.

 -- clint

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