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open-window-stream in CLIM 2.0, info request

   I am using ACL 4.2 with CLIM 2.0 on an SGI.  I have some code which calls
open-window-stream and I have noticed a difference in the arguments between
ACL and Symbolics.  (We bought a copy of the Symbolics CLIM 2.0
documentation to supplement our other documentation.)  I am a little
concerned about portability problems now.  While open-window-stream isn't
heavily used, we do have several software packages which utilize it.  
   I would like to see what differences exist with other CLIM 2.0 versions.
Specifically, Symbolics uses :port to provide the "root-window" for
open-window-stream; ACL uses :parent.  Symbolics documentation suggests that
you use find-port to get an appropriate value for this argument.  ACL will
not accept a port as the value for :parent; it must be either a frame or a
pane according to the error message that I receive.  It appears that code
which calls open-window-stream will not be portable between, at least, these
two systems without tweaking.
   Also, does anyone have any advice or pointers on porting code from ACL
CLIM 1.1 to ACL CLIM 2.0?  We are just getting started and so far it appears
to be a bit more painful than we anticipated.  

Thanks in advance for your help.

Marilyn Bunzo				NASA Ames Research Center			Mailstop 269-6
Sterling Software			Bldg. 269 Room 152
(415) 604-0426				Moffett Field, CA 94035

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