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Re: hitting RETURN for "OK"

Date: Tue, 21 Jun 94 18:55:41 EDT
From: Clinton Hyde <>

   a couple of weeks ago I asked about how to get the return key to be
   the same as a left-click on OK in accepting-values.

   apparently it does, if no Motif gadget is "active" (i.e., has a black
   'selected' box around it).

   try it!

I tried...

   this is still wrong, but it's interesting.

That's exactly the point.

In a dialog users edit some text-fields and then want to type <return> to
"accept" the whole dialog without having to click into some "free
space" in order to de-activate the last edited text-field.

Imagine a simple "data entry" task, supported by many dialog boxes appearing
in sequence, such that experienced users certainly prefer "keyboard only
use". In each dialog they would have to use the mouse or press the tab-key
several times and then <space> -- just to accept the data. 

I would very appreciate an easy way to get the desired "return
behavior" in CLIM -- Has anybody found a way at all?

Frank Buhr.


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