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Caching CLIM generated menus?

[Note, this is not about menu-bars:]

CLIM2.0 automatically generates a menu of all commands
applicable for a selected presentation. We really like this feature:
our application totally relies on CLIM to produce its menus (and
we can disable commands where needed). However, some of these menus
seem to take quite a while (seconds!) to popup and redisplay
(e.g. Sparc 10 lots of memory, X windows, latest CLIM2.0 Franz or Harlequin).
We use a few other raw menus in our application that are cached and appear
much faster. What can be done to pop-up [CLIM2.0 presentation generated
command menus] faster or to speed up their redisplay in general.
I am thinking of a CLIM:MENU-CHOOSE-FROM-DRAWER *reusing* the same MENU
window for each invocation in a given frame pane, for example. If this
is what is done by CLIM2.0 now, then I could use an explanation for what
else is done that could be slowing it down.

Thank you very much for any help, this is a sore area of our application
and we *really* would not like hearing from our local users:
<<that's why you should have used the "correct" - albeit
lower level - OO language (with its hardcoded widgets) to
achieve "better" performance - even at the cost of your own sanity...>>

Olivier Clarisse

"Sanity is in simplicity,
 Ego is in complexity"    - SIMPLY CHOOSE

This expresses a very mild version of my personal opinions only,
and lots of gratitude for the CLIM2.0 providers/vendors out there (AMAZING),
and NO, I can't understand why YOU would want to get off this mailing list:
you can't possibly want to use anything lower level than CLIM2.0!

P.S. Mail messages I send to seem to fail in a few places on the net.
     I am not even sure they really get out to the real world. Anyone out there?


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