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Caching CLIM generated menus?

   Date: Wed, 1 Jun 94 15:57:25 CDT

   [Note, this is not about menu-bars:]

   CLIM2.0 automatically generates a menu of all commands
   applicable for a selected presentation. We really like this feature:
   our application totally relies on CLIM to produce its menus (and
   we can disable commands where needed). However, some of these menus
   seem to take quite a while (seconds!) to popup and redisplay
   (e.g. Sparc 10 lots of memory, X windows, latest CLIM2.0 Franz or Harlequin).
   We use a few other raw menus in our application that are cached and appear
   much faster. What can be done to pop-up [CLIM2.0 presentation generated
   command menus] faster or to speed up their redisplay in general.
   I am thinking of a CLIM:MENU-CHOOSE-FROM-DRAWER *reusing* the same MENU
   window for each invocation in a given frame pane, for example. If this
   is what is done by CLIM2.0 now, then I could use an explanation for what
   else is done that could be slowing it down.

The Sparc 10 I have generates such menus with 15 to 20 items in about
1 second.  How big are your menus?

The presentation menus can't really be saved, because there are many
things that dynamically change that can affect the contents of the

You could always define a new mouse-right translator for your own
type(s) that simply exposes a previously-generated menu.  Then you
have to worry yourself about fixing up the menu if it becomes "stale".
(The staleness problem is exactly why CLIM doesn't do this.)

   Thank you very much for any help, this is a sore area of our application
   and we *really* would not like hearing from our local users:
   <<that's why you should have used the "correct" - albeit
   lower level - OO language (with its hardcoded widgets) to
   achieve "better" performance - even at the cost of your own sanity...>>

   Olivier Clarisse

   "Sanity is in simplicity,
    Ego is in complexity"    - SIMPLY CHOOSE

   This expresses a very mild version of my personal opinions only,
   and lots of gratitude for the CLIM2.0 providers/vendors out there (AMAZING),
   and NO, I can't understand why YOU would want to get off this mailing list:
   you can't possibly want to use anything lower level than CLIM2.0!

   P.S. Mail messages I send to seem to fail in a few places on the net.
	I am not even sure they really get out to the real world. Anyone out there?


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