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CLIM 1.1 erase-output-record ?

[Apologies if this is an old FAQ]

I am using CLIM 1.1 with Lucid 4.0 on an RS 6000.  I am drawing a set of
objects, each of which caches a pointer to its output record by using
the following macro wrapper around whatever clim drawing function (eg,
clim:draw-circle*) is called.  

(defmacro with-output-caching (o-record pane &rest body)
  `(setf ,o-record
	 (clim:with-new-output-record (,pane) ,@body)))

Calling (clim:erase-output-record (o-record my-icon)) results in the
following error:

>>Error: The element 
#<CLIM::LINEAR-OUTPUT-RECORD /x 26:138 y 26:138/ -199A626A> 
was not found in 

However, inspecting my-icon's o-record slot and backchaining to look at
the coordinate-sorted-set-output-history, the linear-output-record in
the above error statement shows up as one of the history's elements.

Is there a known work-around or patch for this?



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