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member-alist presentation type

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    Relayed; 20 May 94 16:09:16+0200
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   Date: 20 May 94 16:09:17+0200
   From: Jacques RATTIER <>

   I am working with ACL 4.2 and CLIM-2 on SUN

       Could someone help me on this point :

       I use an (accept 'member-alist *alist* :default *alist*
		       :stream *query-io* :prompt "BLABLA")
     inside an accepting-values menu where my alist *alist* is a quite long
     one (around 40 entries).
     In CLIM-1 the menu was correctly presented on several lines
     but in CLIM-2 it is presented on only one.
     This is unconvenient because the user has to scroll on a very long
     How is it possible to present this presentation type on several
     lines. (I cannot use a terpri INSIDE my accept)
     Thank you very much for any help.

This appears to work correctly in Symbolics, Harlqn (and probably
Lucid) CLIM implementations.


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