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Re: member-alist presentation type

Just in case anyone missed this...

  Date: Fri, 20 May 94 10:16:38 -0700
  From: Colin Meldrum <colin@Franz.COM>

    Date: 20 May 94 16:09:17+0200
    From: Jacques RATTIER <>

    I am working with ACL 4.2 and CLIM-2 on SUN

	Could someone help me on this point :

	I use an (accept 'member-alist *alist* :default *alist*
			:stream *query-io* :prompt "BLABLA")
      inside an accepting-values menu where my alist *alist* is a quite long
      one (around 40 entries).
      In CLIM-1 the menu was correctly presented on several lines
      but in CLIM-2 it is presented on only one.
      This is unconvenient because the user has to scroll on a very long
      How is it possible to present this presentation type on several
      lines. (I cannot use a terpri INSIDE my accept)
      Thank you very much for any help.

  You can use the view argument to accept, eg

  (accept `(member-alist ...) ... :view '(radio-box-view :columns 4))

  As you have so many entries you might want to consider using a list pane
  rather than a radio-box. eg.

  (accept `(member-alist ...) ... :view '(list-pane-view :visible-items 6))

As for why the default behavior of ACL CLIM 2.0 differs from all the other
major CLIM 2.0 implementations, I suspect that the difference may be
because ACL CLIM 2.0 uses the native Motf (or OpenLook) toolkit to implement
radio boxes rather than using CLIM's generic gadgets. You'd have to ask the
other vendors because I'm not that familiar with all the other

BTW I believe that the :columns argument to radio boxes is an extension -
it doesn't appear in the spec. I don't know how you'd control this in other
implementations - perhaps the other vendors may want to comment.

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