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modal dialogues in clim?

Hi everyone!

We are using Clim 2.0 beta from Lucid.

We are experiencing some problems with modal dialogs.

When I call (accepting-values (stream :own-windows t ...) ...)
I would like to have a modal dialog window popped up,
i.e. the application is switched to a state so that
the dialog is the only window the user can use.

Motif defines four general modes: modeless, primary modal,
application-modal and system-modal.

It seems that the window of the accepting-values-application-frame
is modeless. I can bring the "original application-frame" 
(which is a parent of the dialog-frame) to the front, I can even
activate the menu-bar and pull some menus down!

How can I switch the mode of the dialog to be at least
primary-modal (better application-modal)?

Another (minor) problem is that the window-decorations of
the dialog window is like any other window (i.e., it has a 
zoome box etc.), which is not in accordance to the Motif Style Guides.
If I supply the :label-option, the label
is printed in the title-bar of the motif-window and is repeated
in what looks like a title-pane (neither usefull nor good-looking).

Any help appreciated - Stefan B.

;;; - Stefan Bernemann   (

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