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Loss of Mouse Sensitivity

Machine: Symbolics NXP1000
CLIM:    CLIM 2.1
OS:      Genera 8.3

I have an application running on an NXP1000 which is displaying on an
X11 server via the Genera CLIM port.  The application is started from
the UNIX system via

   rsh nxp1000 Start X Screen x11Host :Activity clim-app :Reuse No

(The :Reuse No option is used because we had a problem with some of the
X11 servers which didn't have the Symbolics fonts installed.)

The symptom is that after the rsh command is executed, the window comes
up and redisplays the contents, but neither the commands nor the other
application objects gets highlighted when the mouse moves over them.
This makes it a bit difficult for the user to interact with the

Is the CLIM Event Dispatcher process getting confused?

Craig Lanning <>
Grumman Data Systems
North Charleston, SC

P.S. I posted this to the full CLIM list instead of sending it to
Symbolics because the people at Symbolics that would normally answer
this question don't work at Symbolics anymore.

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