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Protocol for Sizing inside Radio-box


I have my own home-built toggle-button gadgets and they work fine in most
cases (i.e. drawn by hand via WITH-OUTPUT-AS-GADGET or incorporated into a
frame, etc.). 

I would like to use them in other "standard" ways, e.g. inside a RADIO-BOX.
However by doing the straightforward thing (as described in the CLIM manual)
it seems that my gadgets never receive the appropriate RESIZE/POSITION
message(s).  Specifically, they are drawn at some small size (about 15X15
pixels).   Furthermore, they don't receive a refresh/repaint message if the
parent frame is de-exposed/re-exposed.

Presumably I'm not handling some methods that I need.  Furthermore none of
the "standard" things seem to be happening (for example COMPOSE-SPACE
doesn't seem to get called at all on these gadgets when used in a RADIO-BOX).

The class stucture under my gadget is:

(defclass my-toggle-button-pane

I've spent a couple of hours grovelling over the class structure for the
normal TOGGLE-BUTTONS to no avail.  (Likewise, simply mixing in
clim::TOGGLE-BUTTON or any of the other obvious classes don't seem to

Does anyone have any suggestions/hints/etc for the protocol here?


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